Jacqueline Kurmey

Lead with your heart
- Canadian Tenors

  Hand drawn butterflies by Jacqueline Kurmey, Digitized by c0ne_head

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Friendly Reminder: payments are required 24 hours prior to session


About Me

Full Name
Jacqueline Kurmey


Saskatchewan, Canada

University of Saskatchewan. B ED.

  • Channeling 1, 2, 3; Masters Channeling
  • Akashic Records Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Animal Communications
  • Reiki 1

Time Zone
Saskatchewan CST (-6:00 GMT)

Channeling Pricing

For a first reading I will do a 20 minute free reading. I do charge for any subsequent readings. The money can be sent to my email address through an e-transfer. It is $60.00 for 30 mins or $120 for 60 mins. Please deposit the money the day prior to the reading.

Prepare some questions you might want to have answered. Name what traumas/ habits (for example: anger, shame, guilt, not feeling good enough) you want transmuted. Or, you may wish to let the Lord of the Akashic Records choose the healing for you. Whatever happens will be for your highest and best good and healing.

Know that whatever the reading, I am interpreting what your guides are saying to you, through my guides. I do the best I can to be accurate with these interpretations.

Primarily, which type of reading do you want?

  • Akashic readings? These are also known as past life, Book of Remembrance, Hall of Knowledge, Universal Library
  • Medium (loved ones who have passed from this life)?
  • Spirit readings with your spirit guides? They will give you information about what is best for you
  • Property clearing and protection? Feel more comfortable in your home with the removal of all spirits and protective light added.